(WATCH) Bon Jovi’s Electrifying New Release: ‘Living Proof’ and Exciting Updates!

Bon Jovi, the monumental name in rock music and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, has just dropped their thrilling new song and lyric video titled ‘Living Proof.’ This dynamic release heralds the much-anticipated arrival of their 16th studio album, Forever, set to wow fans on June 7, 2024. The video and track premiered under the esteemed label, Island Records, and are available now for your pleasure! Don’t miss out – pre-order the album here.

Following a monumental year, Bon Jovi’s latest hit comes on the back of their chart-topping single “Legendary,” reminding us why they continue to dominate rock and roll. The band isn’t just musically active; they’re also a major cultural force. Jon Bon Jovi himself has appeared in numerous media stints and will mentor on the season finale of American Idol. Plus, delight in their historic journey with ‘Thank U, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,’ a four-part docu-series from Hulu that offers an unprecedented look at their stirring legacy.

Watch the mesmerizing lyric video now!

For super fans, the iconic anthems can now adorn your collection with the special edition, colored vinyl of the album, including an exclusive instant photo of Jon Bon Jovi. Remember, the days counting down to release stand as a testament to more than three decades of smashing records and delivering electrifying performances. Dive deep into rock history with Bon Jovi as they bring joy back into their music with their latest masterpiece, Forever, showing that their vibrant legacy only continues to forge forward.

Credit: Mark Seliger