(READ) Sexyy Red Drops ‘In Sexyy We Trust’ Mixtape with Star-Studded Features!

Photo Credit: Chris Allmeid


Buckle up, music enthusiasts! Sexyy Red has officially unleashed her electrifying mixtape In Sexyy We Trust – and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Published under Rebel/gamma, this phenomenal collection covers 14 tracks and vaunts collaborations with big names such as Drake, Lil Baby, and VonOff1700. Notably, it also features “Get It Sexyy,” which has stormed into the Billboard Top 20!

Why Sexyy Red’s Mixtape Is a Must Listen

The release isn’t just about talent pooling, as this mixtape marks Sexyy’s stride in the industry, following her much-applauded 2023 mixtape Hood Hottest Princess. Fans will be enraptured by cuts like “U My Everything,” where Sexreward teams up with Drake, and a support cast producing nostalgically animated anthems at every track. Tay Keith, Drumatized, and Mike WiLL Made-It are the master producers whipping up addictive beats that’ll keep your replay button buzzing.

Each track is radically different – preached in Red’s hard-hitting delivery and explicitly jaw-dropping lyrics. From mouthwatering collaborations like “Lick Me” featuring Lil Baby to heavy hitters offering grated Scott flavour like “Awesome Jawsome,” it’s easy to see how she earned her five BET Awards 2024 nominations. The range in “In Sexyy We Trust” signals this mixtape as Sexyy’s leap towards being a rightful contender in the rap fortress.

Truth be told, Sexyy Red is setting new acmes and swaying masses with her record-breaking streak. Got your appetite whetted? Why wait, take a sensory plunge into this melee of resonant beats and lyrveryrica – dive into In Sexyy We Trust. Streaming details can be found here and to sample the allure of “Get It Sexyy,” click <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUE6Haw_3zg”>here.