(WATCH) Tyla’s Electrifying ‘Jump’ Music Video Featuring Gunna & Skillibeng!

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Global Sensation Tyla Lights Up the Screen with ‘Jump’

The enchanting cityscapes of Johannesburg and Kingston become the vibrant backdrops for Tyla’s latest hit, ‘Jump’, featuring superstar collaborators Gunna and Skillibeng. Directed by the celebrated NABIL, the music video is a riveting journey through the heart of Tyla’s roots in South Africa, and Skillibeng’s Jamaican charm.

Watch the ‘Jump’ Music Video here.

Since its release, ‘Jump’ has formed a key piece of Tyla’s debut album narrative, quickly becoming a fan-favorite. The streets of Johannesburg and balconies of Kliptown are filled with dance and the thrill of chaos as directed by NABIL, who also masterminded the visuals for Tyla’s ‘Truth Or Dare’.

The song’s contagious rhythm and international flair has not only electrified her fans but also stunned the charts, skyrocketing to #1 on the UK Afro Beat and #3 on the US Billboard Afrobeat Chart. The success continues as Tyla becomes a cultural fixture, her influence spanning music, fashion, and digital platforms like Fortnite with her own ‘challenge emote’.

Already making waves with victories at the Grammys and critical recognition, Tyla’s journey is adorned with milestones like a stunning Met Gala appearance, high-profile interview spots, and her status as a nominee in the 2024 BET Awards. Fresh off the shelf, Tyla, her first studio album, has displayed her unique blend of pop, R&B, and South African amapiano to accolades globally.

Stream Tyla’s groundbreaking album here.

About Tyla: With her charm, creativity, and bold new sound, Tyla garners international appeal. Her track ‘Water’ embodied a viral movement, leading to a massive following and substantial streaming success. As Tyla’s career soars further into the global music sphere, there are endless possibilities for this determined artist fueled by raw passion and unmistakable talent.

Join the fervor surrounding Tyla, a modern icon redefining musical boundaries with every beat.