(READ) Reservoir Buys Big D Evans’ Catalog: A 2Pac Legacy Lives On!

courtesy Reservoir


In what can only be described as a landmark move, Reservoir Media has announced the magnificent acquisition of the producing royalties and publishing catalog of the iconic hip-hop producer-songwriter Deon Evans, also revered as Big D Evans. Recognized predominantly for his influential collaborations with hip-hop legend 2Pac, Evans was monumental in shaping some of the most powerful compositions in the rap genre.

Evans soared to fame with his role as a major influencer on 2Pac’s music, including enduring classics such as “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” which captures an unfiltered narrative touching deep social issues, peaking at #3 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart. Demonstrating his versatile talent, Evans played a critical part in bringing to life 2Pac’s Diamond-selling posthumous album ‘Greatest Hits,’ which included the influential hit ‘Changes’. This particular track saw a Grammy nomination, making it a pivotal moment as it was the first posthumous song to ever be nominated in the Best Rap Solo Performance category.

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His efforts extended beyond traditional boundaries, with works like ‘Ghetto Gospel’ echoing sentiments of struggle and urban injustice, culminating in a chart-topping performance not just in the U.S., but also across the U.K. From his early days shaping tracks with Digital Underground to his insightful bids as executive material with Ne-Yo and Clever Jeff, Evans’ legacy is undeniably rich and diverse.

With the stewardship transition to Reservoir, Evans’ long-term attorney and trustee, Helen Yu, commended the continuity of safeguarding such an influential staple of hip-hop history, ensuring that his spirit resonates and continues inspiring future generations. Reservoir’s commitment to uphold this rich heritage was also highlighted by Executive Vice President, Global Creative Director Donna Caseine, reinstating their dedication to foster musical blueprints that have steadfastly enriched the hip-hop narrative.