(READ) Celebrities Open Up: Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Candid Podcast and Sheryl Underwood’s Apology to Kate Middleton

In a touching moment of candor, The Talk co-hosts, along with guest Jamie-Lynn Sigler, discussed the intricacies of public figures dealing with personal health issues. Sigler, known for her role in The Sopranos and living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), expressed her ‘sensitivity’ towards Princess Kate Middleton’s recent health announcement. Acknowledging the personal challenge in divulging health concerns to the public, Sigler shared, “I lived with MS for 16 years until I was ready to share about it. It’s a lesson for everyone on the patience required before public figures share personal information.”

Amid these disclosures, co-host Sheryl Underwood expressed her remorse over the conversation surrounding Middleton, “I felt ashamed…I contributed to the conversation. And I want to apologize to Princess Kate personally…I want her to forgive me.” This moment of reflection highlights the pressure and scrutiny public figures face, even from their peers.

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Alongside this revelation, Jamie-Lynn Sigler opened up about her new podcast with Christina Applegate, titled ‘MeSsy.’ The podcast is a deep dive into living with MS, inspired by the candid discussions between Sigler and Applegate after the latter’s diagnosis. Sigler recounts, “We had hour-long conversations. She’s new to this diagnosis, and I have two decades behind me. Yet, we really help each other.” With guests like Edie Falco and Martin Short, the podcast explores relationships, diagnoses, and life beyond MS, offering intimate insights and fostering connection both for the hosts and their listeners.

courtesy The Talk