(Watch) Cedric the Entertainer Raves About Toni Braxton’s Stunning Performance on ‘The Neighborhood’

courtesy The Talk


In an exciting reveal Tuesday on “The Talk,” Cedric the Entertainer spilled the beans on the star-studded guest appearances for CBS’s beloved sitcom, “The Neighborhood.” Among the highlights were NFL legend Tony Gonzalez and the sensational Toni Braxton. Cedric was all praises for Gonzalez, describing his presence on set as fun-loving and impactful. But, the real scoop came when he dished on Toni Braxton’s guest appearance. “Toni was amazing,” he remarked.

The storyline that brought Braxton on board was inspired, albeit loosely, by a real-life event involving Marsel Spears’ character, Marty. Drawing parallels to the incident where Spears’ real-life partner went into labor during a BeyoncĂ© concert, the show attempted, but couldn’t secure BeyoncĂ©. Instead, they got Braxton, who, according to Cedric, brought a delightful energy to the set, excelling beyond expectation. Interestingly, despite her musical prowess, Braxton did not perform on the show, humorously noted by Cedric due to the complexities involved with record companies.

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