(WATCH) Nicki Minaj and Peter finally agree “Starships is BAD”

In a new episode of Over The Top, the popular Wondery podcast featuring Michelle Beadle and Peter Rosenberg covering the biggest stories in sports and pop culture, out now (1/3), co-host Peter Rosenberg re-ups calls for closure on a famous beef he had with Nicki Minaj over her hit song “Starships.”

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Rosenberg famously dissed the song at the 2012 Hot 97 Festival, which was also live streamed on Minaj’s website. Relentlessly dragged by The Barbz, Minaj’s stan group, Rosenberg is now calling for an apology after Minaj proclaimed she no longer performs Starships during a New Year’s Eve show, calling the song “stupid.

In the clip, Rosenberg recalls the story and ends saying, “I’m at the point now, kinda waiting for an apology Nicki! Can I just get a fruit basket, Nicki?!”

courtesy Over the Top with Beadle and Rosenberg