Remembering DJ Casper, Creator Of Cha Cha Slide

Willie Perry Jr. aka known as DJ Casper, the creator of the iconic Cha Cha Slide dance  died  at 58 years old after a battle with cancer. He had been diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and his wife confirmed his death.

Right On! wants to express condolences and keep his memory alive by sharing his remarkable legacy.


“Casper was a fun-loving, giving person,” his wife, Kim, said in the statement. “He was a genuine, family oriented man. He loved Chicago with all his heart. He will be greatly missed”, says his wife.

The song and dance is one of the most popular in the country, which is played in countless schools throughout the U.S. and stadiums as well. It will forever be remembered and continued to played as his legacy lives on through “Cha Cha Slide”.

Relive the iconic dance below: