(Exclusive Interview) D-Roc from Ying Yang Twins is “America’s Most Wanted”

Deongelo Holmes, an impactful voice in hip-hop and one-half of the classic duo Ying Yang Twins, delivers a wave-inducing offering for the summer with the release of his newest solo album, America’s Most Wanted. Available now on LiveMixtapes.com, D-Roc (or DrocYing) continues to establish himself as one of the most charismatic figures in making music to groove to, as he captivates audiences on the 12-track project with his distinctive voice, electrifying production, and charismatic stage presence.

First hitting the scene in 2000, D-Roc (or DrocYing) rose to box office status alongside Kaine (Eric Jackson) as part of the Ying Yang Twins. His explosive new chapter, America’s Most Wanted, produced primarily in-house with DJ Krispy Kreme, is a distinctive note that cements the crunk legend’s place amongst artists still putting on for the shakers and ATL’s finest.

D-Roc’s (or DrocYing) latest solo venture showcases his love of family (“Aunt Diedra,” “F.I.L.A.”), the art of the game (“Old School,” produced by Mr. Collipark), and his unique ability to craft motion-moving music that continues to get everyone on their feet. “I started doing this [project] about a year ago because me and my little brother wanted to start our own label,” the enthusiastic entertainer shares ahead of America’s Most Wanted’s July 24 release on all DSPs. That label, 2Lit, will not only serve as a showcase for his own work — such as with America’s Most Wanted — but also present a chance to highlight the next generation of artists from Atlanta and abroad.

Ahead of the culture’s 50th anniversary, D-Roc (or DrocYing) shares his thoughts on his respective impact and his output amongst a new generation of high-energy music, saying, “I feel like what we did for hip-hop is honorable and well respected. We have our own lane that we created and made history.”With America’s Most Wanted, whether you’ve been a longtime fan or are just discovering D-Roc’s (or DrocYing’s) penchant for getting a party started — this is another shared look at a rapper bringing us in on a day-in-the-life experience.

Photo credit: DeAngelo Holmes