(Watch) Jessica Simpson On Facing Scrutiny: Weight ‘Doesn’t Need To Be A Conversation’

Jessica Simpson, in a conversation with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover, shared insights during PetSafe’s Unleashed event in celebration of International Dog Day. In addition to discussing her partnership with the brand, Simpson also delved into her deep connection with her husband, Eric Johnson.

During the interview, Simpson expressed her enthusiasm about collaborating with PetSafe, highlighting her affiliation with the brand. However, the conversation soon turned to matters of the heart, as Simpson eloquently described her relationship with Eric Johnson. She recounted the moment they met, describing it as a profound experience of “love at first sight” and acknowledging that it was more like “infatuation at first sight.” She further revealed that there was a unique quality in Johnson that she had not encountered in a man before – an aura of tranquility and tenderness that deeply resonated with her.

Simpson’s heartfelt gush about her husband exemplified the depth of their bond, characterized by a peaceful and gentle connection that sets their relationship apart. The interview provided a glimpse into the profound connection between Simpson and Johnson, showcasing a love that goes beyond the ordinary and is rooted in a deep understanding and admiration for each other.

As the conversation evolved from brand partnership to matters of the heart, Jessica Simpson’s openness about her relationship and emotions demonstrated the power of love and the significance of finding a partner who brings a sense of serenity and authenticity to one’s life.

courtesy Access Hollywood