Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water By Phillip Hodge Out In Texas

Photo Credit: Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water


Hip-hop artist and rapper Phillip Hodge or better known as Thuggizzle has launched the release of Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water and is sourced from Georgia’s Appalachian Mountains, where the springs are “untouched and naturally filtered” and “goes through a meticulous extraction process to ensure its natural purity and crispness”. The premium bottled water also contains essential minerals and a pure taste that is different from your average brand, along with being “packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles with a BPA-free liner to prevent chemical exposure, emphasizing the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint”.

“I am thrilled to be introducing Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water to the world!” This water is not only sourced deep in Georgia’s Appalachian Mountains, but it is also done sustainably. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!” says the artist.

“Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water goes beyond being a refreshing natural spring water; it carries an extraordinary and inspiring backstory. Phillip Hodge, a talented hip-hop artist, and entrepreneur, faced adversities while growing up in shelters, group homes, and aging out of the foster care system in San Antonio, Texas. His journey of resilience and determination recently received recognition from the Honorable Bexar County Judge Peter Sakai, who coincidentally presided over Thuggizzle’s time as a state ward. This heartfelt connection makes the product launch even more meaningful and poignant, reflecting the triumph of human spirit behind every drop of Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water.”

Hodge says “Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water was brought to life to give the teens and young adults who are currently or were previously going through foster care the needed inspiration that if I can they too can. I have been where they are now, and I know how that feels. But I want to assure them there is a life beyond that, a much better life. They should not hold back and try harder to make their dreams a reality.”

It should now be available for distribution in the state of Texas and hopefully in many more to come!