Travis Scott’s Long-awaited Album “Utopia” Arrives

Photo Credit: Epic Records


Travis Scott’s fourth studio album “Utopia” is finally here and he has enlisted the help of many legendary artists in the industry like Beyoncé, Drake, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Bon Iver, and many more. The album is certainly the most unique sounding one he has released so far, as all the tracks were completely unique due to the incorporation of many genres and styles in their production and lyrical flow.

Check out the album and full tracklist below!

Travis Scott’s Utopia Tracklist:

1. “Hyaena”
2. “Thank God” Feat. KayCyy
3. “Modern Jam” Feat. Teezo Touchdown
4. “My Eyes” Feat. Sampha & Bon Iver
5. “God’s Country”
6. “Sirens”
7. “Meltdown” Fat. Drake
8. “Fe!n” Feat. Playboi Carti & Sheck Wes
9. “Delresto (Echoes)” Feat. Beyoncé & Bon Iver
10. “I Know?”
11. “Topia Twins” Feat. Rob49 & 21 Savage
12. “Circus Maximus” Feat. The Weeknd
13. “Parasail” Feat. Yung Lean
14. “Skitzo” Feat. Young Thug
15. “Lost Forever” Feat. James Blake & Westside Gunn
16. “Looove” Feat. Kid Cudi
17. “KPop” Feat. Bad Bunny & The Weeknd
18. “Telekinesis” Feat. Future & SZA
19. “Til Further Notice” Feat. 21 Savage & James Blake