(Watch) Halle Bailey Has Everyone Obsessing Over Mermaids


By Radha Gupta

A belief in merpeople, water spirits, or mermaids, has existed for many centuries. Mermaids were initially perceived as dangerous sea creatures to be feared. Over the Enlightenment period, however, the perception of mermaids changed and they began to be viewed as beautiful, peaceful, courageous, and kind. This created a newfound curiosity in the existence of mermaids and an enthusiasm to imagine them in new and creative ways that keeps going on today.

In the 2023 Disney live-action remake of the originally animated movie, “The Little Mermaid” the concept of a mermaid’s life and desire to live like humans is brought to life. Raking in $499M globally, the “The Little Mermaid” remake is a blockbuster hit that people of all ages have loved all over the world

Here’s some fun facts about the movie in case you plan to watch or have watched it already:

  1. Jodi Benson cameos as a shopkeeper

  2. The iconic opening Disney intro is customized!

  3. The telescope Ariel finds foreshadows what bring her and Eric closer later on

  4. Most of Ariel’s outfits pay homage to the clothes seen on Ariel in the original movie

  5. The story is shown to take place in the Caribbean!








Credit: Disney


Relive the magic of one of Disney’s most beloved films when the “radiant and romantic live-action retelling” (Jenna Anderson, ComicBook.com) of The Little Mermaid becomes available to audiences to enjoy at home. Rob Marshall’s sparkling new take “captures the magic of the original” (Ross Bonaime, Collider) while “Halle Bailey simply soars” (Pete Hammond, Deadline) as she brings viewers into the world of Ariel and on a magical journey. Disney’s The Little Mermaid arrives at digital retailers (Apple TV, Prime Video and Vudu/Fandango) on July 25, 2023,  and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on September 19. Fans can add the film to their collection and access exclusive bonus features including a sing-along version of the film, song breakdowns, bloopers, and exclusive featurettes.