(Watch) King ISO Honors Autism & Neurodivergence In “Way You Are”

Continuing to spit straight from the heart, King Iso serves up a powerful new single and music video entitled “Way You Are” via Strange Music. He discusses his son’s Autism, his own OCD, and other neurodivergences without filter—and with the true empathy and eternal love of a father.

It stands out as his most important and personal song yet.

About the song, he commented, “My son being diagnosed with ASD level 1 was a scary moment for me not knowing really anything about it. His daycare at the time abruptly terminated his care, which didn’t help either. I honestly just didn’t want my child to not be accepted just because he’s different, and I relate to that a ton—knowing how it feels to have society prejudge you with my own diagnoses. I do as much research as I can and work with his team at his school, and it’s helped a ton. I always put my life in my music and wanted to share this with everyone who may be going through the same.”

Listen to it HERE. Watch the music video HERE.

On the track, ethereal loops add texture to sparse 808s. Iso alternates between cadences with the ease of a Swiss Army Knife, fluctuating the speed of his rhymes masterfully. Most importantly, he champions children and adults on the Autism spectrum.

Speaking from experience, he opens up, “My kid’s 3-years-old, and it’s troubling to see them study him like they studied me,” and urges “To celebrate ‘em, not regulate ‘em, is what we need.” The visual proves uplifting and tearful as it focuses on Iso and his little boy in a nursery.

At the end, he issues a crucial statement and dedication, “From anybody on the spectrum or dealing with Autism from my kid to kids around the world to teens, young adults, you are not sick, you are fine just the way you are.”

“Way You Are” arrives in the wake of the equally tender “My Kids.” Beyond gaining traction at DSPs, it also landed plugs from VENTS MagazineHipHop Over Everything, and more.

It lands in the wake of “Step Daddy.” The latter has already generated 88.5K Spotify streams and 81K YouTube views on the music video. It continues to gain steam though buoyed by fan enthusiasm, reaction videos, and excitement.

Stay tuned for more music from King Iso this year!

Meanwhile, his epic 2022 full-length Get Well Soon has amassed nearly 10 million streams and counting in addition to receiving looks from HipHopDX and Underground Hip Hop Blog who raved, “it’s safe to say that Iso’s output ever since signing to Strange has been the best of his career thus far and Get Well Soon wound up being a fantastic follow-up to World War Me.” Not to mention, Rock The Bells professed, “King Iso’s mission is to be a beacon of light to those going through their darkest times. His latest album, Get Well Soon, is just that.” Additionally, he packed houses on his first major headlining tour—the “Get Well Soon Tour.”


King Iso joined forces with Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, and the legendary Dwayne Johnson for the biggest independent rap song of 2021, “Face Off.” Its success would be downright unprecedented, birthing a TikTok challenge and amassing 13 billion views! It shows no signs of stopping or slowing down either. The track has crushed 168 million Spotify streams so far with 73 million views on the blockbuster music video. The track saw him mentioned by everyone from Variety to Entertainment Weekly.

courtesy Strange Music