Travis Scott’s Utopia is Almost Here.

Credit: Kristina Nagel


In celebration of the highly anticipated new album, ‘Utopia’, visionary artist Travis Scott will take the stage in front of the Pyramids of Egypt on July 28th, has revealed the album will have five individual artworks, and launches  ‘Utopia’ vinyl, CD and merchandise box-set pre-orders.

Known for pushing the boundaries of sight and sound, Travis has chosen the ancient setting, and one of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World, to perform an unforgettable show that will immerse fans in the world of ‘Utopia’.

Location: The Pyramids of Egypt, Giza

Date: July 28, 2023

Tickets available exclusively on www.ticketsmarche.com

As ‘Utopia’ gets closer, pre-sale of the ‘Utopia’ vinyl, CD and merchandise  box-sets are live today. The limited collection features apparel and accessories inspired by the vision of ‘Utopia’, with custom cut n sew merchandise. The five album artworks remain closely guarded for now.

courtesy Travis Scott