Top 10 Best Summer Foods

Summer’s here! What better way to enjoy it than trying something refreshing to quench your thirst after baking in the sun or staying at home with the AC blasting! Here are the top ten best foods that the editors of Right On! Digital  recommend for the summer!

10. Tomatoes

9. Fresh Salad

8. Avocados

7. Berries

6. Hamburgers

5. Grilled Corn on a cob

4. Peaches

3. Hot Dogs

2. Watermelon

1. Ice Cream


As you can see, ice cream is up at the top of the list, especially since this is National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day is July 16.  If you love ice cream, why not try a flavor from this brand  IG @gallivanticecreams  It’s great for those with sensitive stomachs and allergies–yet is ‘real’ ice cream…only better.

Gallivant a craft, small-batch, made-in-Texas ice cream company that specializes in unique ingredients and flavors. The brand was founded by Snehee Chaplot, who was inspired to create Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream after having a personal health scare.  She discovered she had a medical condition that resulted in her developing a gluten allergy and sensitivity to dairy and eggs. Chaplot is a Food Safety Scientist with over 15 years of experience ranging between research and development, commercialization and manufacturing. She was born in Bahrain (Middle East) to Indian parents and moved to the United States in 2007 to complete her graduate studies in Food Sciences and Technology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

In 2018, she dabbled with a favorite dessert, ice cream, and created a version that not only tasted like the ice creams of India, but also did not aggravate her dairy sensitivity. After 18 months of testing, she launched Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams in unique and authentic global flavor profiles appealing to diverse tastes. Today, these ice creams are available in ten unique and authentic diverse flavors including Chinese Black Sesame, Thai Coconut, Japanese Matcha, Spanish Saffron, Guatemalan Cardamom, Vietnamese Coffee and more across Texas and Southern California. For more info on these lickable flavors, visit them on all social media platforms.