(Listen) Monica Launches MoTalk Radio on Apple Music Hits: A Journey through R&B

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Grammy Award-winning singer, actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Monica is set to captivate listeners with her limited radio series, MoTalk Radio, exclusively on Apple Music’s global live-streaming radio station, Apple Music Hits. With DJ Baby Yu curating soulful mixes from the ’90s and ’00s, Monica brings her unique perspective and insight to R&B music, accompanied by candid interviews with diverse personalities. The show aims to highlight music, trending cultural topics, and provide a platform for artists, entertainers, musicians, politicians, athletes, and others to share their stories.

Debut Episode with Shaquille O’Neal: The first episode of MoTalk Radio, airing on Saturday, June 24 at 3 pm PT, features an exclusive interview with Basketball Hall of Famer and Entrepreneur, Shaquille O’Neal. Monica engages in a conversation with Shaq about his favorite records, his philosophy on giving back, and his perspective on relationships. DJ Baby Yu sets the nostalgic tone by spinning classic ’90s R&B jams with a fresh twist.

Insights from Monica on “The Boy Is Mine”: Reflecting on her iconic song “The Boy Is Mine,” Monica dispels the notion that the record was based on real-life experiences. She pays tribute to Brandy, her collaborator on the track, and clarifies that the narrative surrounding the song’s creation influenced public perception but did not exist before the collaboration.

Shaq on Love and Learning from Past Mistakes: In a candid moment, Shaquille O’Neal opens up about losing the “perfect woman,” his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal, and the lessons he has learned from his past mistakes. He emphasizes the importance of protecting, providing, and loving in relationships, regardless of their status. Despite the changes in their relationship, Shaq expresses ongoing support and love for his ex-wife.

Episode 2 with Mickey Guyton: The second episode of MoTalk Radio, scheduled to air on Saturday, July 1 at 3 pm PT, features country music star Mickey Guyton. Mickey engages in a deep conversation with Monica about being a black woman in the country music industry, her album “Remember Her Name,” and her journey towards self-discovery. DJ Baby Yu adds to the episode’s ambiance with a mix of throwback R&B favorites.

Mickey Guyton’s Inspirations and Journey: Mickey Guyton shares her inspirations from influential figures like Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston, LeAnn Rimes, and Monica herself. She reflects on how her experiences as a black woman in America shaped her music and artistic identity. Mickey’s songs, such as “Remember Her Name,” serve as a powerful tribute to Breonna Taylor and the struggles faced by black women in the entertainment industry.

Legacy and Mission of Mickey Guyton: Mickey Guyton’s ultimate goal is to be a door opener and a champion for others in the music industry. She seeks to ensure that no individual walks alone through the challenges faced in the entertainment world. Through her advocacy and presence, Mickey strives to create a more inclusive and diverse industry, celebrating the accomplishments of fellow artists of color.