(Watch) MTV names Ice Spice as Global PUSH artist for the month of May

MTV PUSH has named Bronx’s own Ice Spice as the featured Global PUSH Artist for the month of May. The NYC native who first started her rap career through writing poetry in her early years and later attended SUNY Purchase (where she met her executive producer RIOTUSA) has since has gained mainstream success and growing attention, from receiving TikTok’s #1 “Emerging Artist of the Year” in 2022 to climbing the Billboard charts. Nicki Minaj recently collaborated with the artist, dubbed “the People’s Princess,” in her remix for the hit song “Princess Diana.” Join MTV this month as they partner with Ice Spice to discuss what it was like working with Minaj: “Childhood me is screaming,” her writing process, her musical influences and more.


On who she grew up listening to, growing up in New York:

  • “I was listening to a lot of the radio, anything my parents was playing really like… probably 50 Cent, Romeo Santos, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna. But I was always writing poems and stuff like that in school, growing up I would just like to write little raps… I always had this want to write basically.”


On working with legend Nicki Minaj on the collaboration for her latest hit “Princess Diana”:

  • “Nicki ended up reaching out after the project was already out and doing pretty well, then she went through management and now we’re here! Thank you to Nicki for getting on it and shedding a new light on it, I feel like “Princess Diana” was getting slept on a little bit. I was like, bro, this is the sleeper on the project – I feel like nobody’s gassing this up the way I feel like they need to… Childhood me is screaming, even I’m screaming. I’m so happy and I’m so grateful to Nicki. This is such a moment for New York and just like any upcoming artist, it’s so inspiring to see such a legendary artist will get on your project if it’s that good.”


On the feeling she hopes to inspire with “In Ha Mood”:

  • “I just hope that everybody feels as confident and as bad as I feel when I listen to it, you know, that’s really the whole point, it’s just really a feel good project to me. It’s just a little introduction to who I am.”

courtesy MTV