Lifetime’s ‘Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story’ Premieres with Star-Studded Cast!

courtesy Lifetime


Lifetime network is set to release the next movie in its Seven Deadly Sins anthology, entitled “Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story.” Executive produced by T.D. Jakes, Derrick Williams, and Shaun Robinson, the movie will premiere on Lifetime on April 8, 2023, at 8/7c. The movie follows the story of Birdie Moore, a famous bakery owner and reality TV star, played by Grammy-Award winner Stephanie Mills. Birdie’s past secrets are brought to light, threatening her enormous success, and she must confront her pride to save her legacy. The movie also stars Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles as Birdie’s son, Gabe Moore, and Keeya King as her granddaughter, Ella Boudreaux.

The Seven Deadly Sins movie anthology is based on novels by author Victoria Christopher Murray, who also serves as a consulting producer on “Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story.” Previous titles in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology include Lust, Envy, Wrath, and Greed, which drew a combined total of close to 7 million viewers in 2022.

In addition to Mills, Miles, and King, “Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story” also stars Grammy-Award winner Erica Campbell as Pastor Trey, Lucia Walters as Shanice, and Jaime M. Callica as Khalil. The movie promises to deliver a gripping story of personal transformation, family secrets, and confronting one’s own pride to save what matters most.

The announcement of the release of “Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story” has been met with anticipation and excitement from fans of the Seven Deadly Sins anthology and those eager for a new, thrilling Lifetime original movie.

courtesy Lifetime