(Video) AGT’s Celina Graves Releases ‘Westside’



Fans of “America’s Got Talent” remember Celina Graves from Season 15. She’s the artist Simon Cowell told her not to change anything!  Watch to see her video from “Westside,” and  get to know her a little better here!



“Celina was born into early 90’s music, surrounded by the funky sounds of new R&B, jazz, hip  hop and the music of her father who as a professional musician, played and wrote at home.  California born and bred, Celina grew up in Mira Mesa, a small town where the challenges she  faced as their family came to grips with her mother’s drug addiction were keenly felt by young  Celina. Raised by her father from age 4, she learned from his musical talents and developed her  own ear for piano and guitar. With her father’s encouragement, she posted videos on YouTube,  earning an astounding 6 million views at age 16.”  

Aside from music, Celina demonstrated strong passion for several sports including football and  basketball. As is normal for most young adults Celina explored multiple careers. She was a star  athlete in high school gaining acceptance into an Olympic development program. Hoping to  make the USA team, she unfortunately experienced a serious injury (ACL tear) in a high school  basketball game and lost the opportunity. 

Since attending college, she has focused on a music career as it is her dream to share her talent.  Celina strives to inspire people to be themselves and never change for anyone or anything. Her  voice captures the spirit of so many as she writes and sings from the heart.  Celina  

sang the National Anthem for the 2020 San Diego MLB Playoff game and progressed to the  semifinal round of season 15 “America’s Got Talent.”

Most recently, the artist released “Westside,” her follow-up single to “Changing Ways.” This song was written  specifically for Celina and produced by The Kingsmen Music Group on behalf of Three  2 Go Music. Its compelling vocals and catchy hook are sure to please. 

“Celina’s growth and dedication has been outstanding,” says independent record  label owner Ron Walker of Three 2 Go Music. “Since AGT, the effort she put in to  making this single and, in fact, the entire CD, is to be applauded.” 

It’s paying off as her fans continue to embrace her music; you’ll get to see her on tour  soon. Walker says, “We are very proud of her, and how her music is being received.” 


Truly blessed, her Las Vegas listening party on Friday, January 27, 2023, at On The Record in the MGM Park in Las Vegas, is hosted by Marcus “Mr. Multi-Hustle” Redman.   Catch “Westside” on  iHeart Radio & SirusXM. She is the truth!

Celina’s got a performance in Las Vegas on January 27, 2023 and is making the c rounds. Credit: Three 2 Go Music


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