EP Review: “Dead Summer” by Musicians Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix


Most music is infectious, and “Dead Summer,” the EP by Los Angeles/Pacific Northwest-based pop-punk musician Levi Zadoff and Ottawa punk newcomer Gavin Kratt, aka Dead Hendrix, is no exception. Based on the EP’s title, you would assume that the music might be a little depressing, but not so. The refreshing music is danceable and has teachable moments.

Although the music reflects such themes as the end of summer and the potential future of relationships, whether to the pandemic or for other reasons, “Dead Summer” gives off vibes that music is the answer, despite any obstacles. Regardless of their favorite genre, music listeners can find something to like in the five-song EP as it runs the gamut from punk rock to hip hop. The storytelling in this musical interplay will undoubtedly take the artists from the sweaty underground circuit to more mainstream performance venues.

 If we were to select our favorite track, we would start with “Can’t Be God,” a song which, although pragmatic on the surface, is realistic from the standpoint that it’s impossible to control all elements in one’s life.

 Their punk-fusion sound kicks off with the opener, “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better,” a bonafide head-nodder, which is super cool. And what’s a project without a bit of romance? “Love Game” and their bonus track, “Teenage Dirtbag,” will put a smile on faces as so many can relate to the theme the artists chose to use.

 Hinting at so much and taking charge to demand fans to dance, Levi and Hendrix are upping the game with the chant anthem, “Alone,” which speaks for itself,

 Zadoff and Hendrix come from different parts of the world and only recently met in the past several years; together, they are making the music and sounds they were destined to create.

 The artists, who collabed with IOF (Future, Paris Shadows), Yago Beats, SPLASHGVNG (Lil Peep, Sewerperson), and Imani Beats, seem to be well on their way to keeping fans satisfied–from the headphones to the pit! And you thought summer was dead!  


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