(Music Review) “Haven” By Savarre



Spectre Rock artists Savarre, fronted by vocalist/songwriter Shannon Denise Evans, hit a high note with their latest song, “Haven,” which speaks to today’s times. We all need a safe place, “a haven.” And many people today don’t have it. But you do have it with this song.  

Evans, whose vocal quality is reminiscent of Adele, comments, “I am imperfect. I am a work in progress. I am a survivor. But if nothing else, I hope to be a Haven.”

As listeners are drawn in by Evans’ impeccable, soulful voice, one can feel comforted by the soothing, honest lyrics. We all want peace and are looking for blessings during these turbulent times. This ambitious song is ear-pleasing—from the true and clear sounds of the vocalist to the band’s instruments—combined to weave a compelling story that defies convention.

Clearly, Evans has a bright career. The impeccable vocals and the strong message in the miraculous music will continue seeping into your mind.

She openly shares her thoughts, candidly inviting new listeners and her established fanbase where she stirs up new recipes with ingredients of old-school flavor. The dish can be savored, slowly but surely, as you take in the passion and conviction of an artist whose music surpasses boundaries.

The vocal powerhouse of Savarre represents a fresh take on music that clearly competes with top-tier recording artists. According to the band, “We’re committed to full-spectrum expression. The music is us, we are the music, and everything we produce has our blood running through it.”

And the music is the truth.

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