Primark Gets High Marks From Queens Students

Recently, Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner was invited to the preview of the grand opening of Primark’s newest location in Jamaica, Queens, NY.  A personal guided tour by Primark US  President Kevin Tulip, was eye-opening, and there was so much to see. What was so heartwarming was the fact that through a partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation, students who attend Jamaica Children’s School received a new backpack, a gift card to shop at Primark, and their classrooms were gifted with  new school materials.

An adorable student is ready to check out. Credit: Jim Sulley


As we wandered around the amazing store, taking in the fun kids wear, as well as trendy clothing for men and women, we were blown away by the bargains.  According to Tulip, unlike other retailers who  strictly focus on online business,  ‘We are brick and mortar retailer. We have great quality and great prices and we enjoy being able to serve the community.”


Students shopped til they dropped. Credit: Jim Sulley


During the tour, I was able to take a look at incredible Disney merchandise that is only available at Primark along with Harry Potter and Black Panther merchandise.  And watching some of the children shop was especially heartwarming.


Kevin Tulip, President, Primark US  and Jamaica Children’s School P.S. 312Q Principal Michele Cespedes. Credit: Jim Sulley


Good bargains and the latest trends. Credit: Jim Sulley


Adds Tulip, “People want to come back and shop. I love the experience of being in a physical  store, too. And  It’s important for the community to be our partners to keep customers coming back.” And we plan to visit more of the retail outlets, as we may find even more bargains at some of the other locations.

Credit: Jim Sulley


The longer clothes last, the less waste there is and the better for the environment. As part of our new sustainability commitments, we’re turning up the durability dial. We have started with denim, which is one of our customers’ key wardrobe essentials.

We’ve started much more intense testing of a selection of our denim ranges across men’s, women’s and childrenswear to a much higher test of 30 washes. This benchmark is currently recommended by WRAP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Next, we’ll be turning our attention to putting other ranges through more enhanced testing.

What Does this Testing Mean for our Clothes

As we increase our testing activity across our ranges – we will continue to work closely with suppliers and support them to ensure their products are able to meet our tougher benchmarks. This might mean helping them make product improvements, such as the better use of dyes or adjustments to fabrics to strengthen them. It will be a process of continuous improvement over time and will be done hand in hand with the development of the new WRAP Clothing Longevity Protocol.

5 Tips On Extending Your Wardrobe’s Life:

Primark wants to help you do your bit too. We all can help to extend the lifespan of our clothes and reduce the impact on the environment if we all make sure we look after our clothes in the right way. It also saves money by reducing the energy you are using to wash and dry your clothes while also reducing your clothes’ environmental footprint after you’ve bought them.


Credit: Primark


Here are five top tips for giving your fashion a long and happy life.

Credit: Primark

  1. Alternatives to Washing Your Clothes
    Apart from underwear and socks, very little clothing needs washing after one wear. Try airing worn clothes, steaming or spot cleaning them instead.
  2. Follow Instructions on the Care Label
    Remember the temperature shown is the MAXIMUM your item can be washed at. With the exception of underwear, bedding and towels, most clothes can be cleaned at 30C or less. Lower wash temperatures use less water and energy. Plus washing inside out, washing with similar colours, closing zips and emptying pockets can all help to prolong the life of your clothes.
  3. Avoid Tumble Drying and Ironing
    Air drying – whether outdoors or inside – is less stressful for clothes and uses way less energy. If you reshape them while they’re damp you can also cut down on ironing.
  4. Don’t Overdo it with Detergent or Softener
    Fill your washing machine but leave enough room for the water to penetrate the clothes and let the detergent do its work.
  5. Repair, Reuse and Recycle
    Give old clothes a new life by repairing holes and seam tears, get creative with buttons and embellishments or cut items up and stitch back together differently. Alternatively, in our UK Primark stores, you can also recycle them in the donation boxes.