(Watch) Joseph Sikora stars in horror “FEAR”

What are you afraid of? The upcoming film Fear shows what happens when you let the things that scare you take over you. The film’s trailer, exclusively available below, is also proof that the horror genre is having a major moment in Hollywood.

The psychological horror film hits theaters on Jan. 27 and follows a group of friends who gather for a much-needed weekend getaway at a remote and historic hotel. Their celebration takes a terrifying quick and sudden turn as each one of the guests has to face their own worst fear one by one thanks to a powerful force inside the hotel.

There is no other horror film that has ever existed that comments, so deeply on the concept of not only the Carl Jung theory of the collective unconscious, but also the incorporation of a media society, and how ancient evils can permeate into the souls of men and women through connective emotion in our case. FEAR!
What makes FEAR different from other horror films is the incredible unconventional way the film was made. During the height of a global pandemic, 9 people showed up to a cabin that is historically 100 years old, and helped collectively to build a film and script together. We all lived together in an enclosed world, each of us truly facing real fears daily. We were able to do something no one would think would be possible! Be an artist and make an incredible film, while actually in fear of our lives daily. The second thing, that I would say makes FEAR completely different from any other horror film, is the ideal of the film. The movie is grounded in something we have not seen in horror — internal fear. The fact that if you truly are afraid of something in life — your mind could manifest this fear into a state of no return or death. Dealing with this subject matter was extremely interesting but also extremely scary at times!! There is nothing more powerful or frightening than the human mind when it turns dark. Lastly, FEAR finds itself in a different league simply because it understands life!! Light will always defeat darkness…most films miss this fact….We understood this completely! 

courtesy Complex