Why Oxalde’s the Prince of Afropop

Lagos-based Nigerian artist Oxalde broke out on a global stage with the hit “Away,” which was co-signed by the likes of Drake and Naomi Campbell, and named one of the Top 50 songs of the year 2020 by Rolling Stone. With the release of his EP Oxygen shortly after, Oxlade has positioned himself as a new prince of  Afropop. Earlier this summer, he shared a special COLORs performance of his new song “Ku Lo Sa,” a summer infused track with a melody characteristic of his very own Afropop sound. Since it’s release, the performance has taken on a new life of its own. It is taking over TikTok with several trends growing strong. Over the past few weeks, fans have been mirroring his COLORS performance, resulting in over 1.3 million creations so far – see a few examples herehere or here that he has shared to his over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.