Right On!’s Cynthia Horner Being Honored At SITA Awards

 How do up and coming film and stage performers and artists fit into the playing field of the entertainment industry?  One way is the old school one…in front of a live audience in their community and with their peers.  For the last eleven years, Success in the Arts (SITA) has recognized the talent and encouraged the hard work of aspiring performers.

In 2011 Bragg created Success in the Arts, a seminar for independent artists to learn the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.  Always eager to go to the next level, in 2017 Bragg introduced the Success in the Arts Theater, Film and Performing Arts Awards to recognize the voices behind and in front of the stage, camera and microphone.

“As long as I have been in the entertainment industry, I sought opportunities for novice artists to be honored for their dreams and passion on a local level.  Yes, there are film festivals and open mic contests, but we wanted to look these artists in the eye and show them that their community believes in their talent and the SITA Awards were born”, says Dara Bragg, SITA’s Founder and Executive Director.

Never to rest on its laurels, Bragg opened the awards to include the endorsed Meli’sa Morgan Song of the Year Award in 2021.  This year a Gospel music category was added.  A special tribute will be presented in memory of founder and Artistic Director of the Riant Theatre and the /Strawberry Theatre Festival, Van Dirk Fisher.  We are pleased to honor SITA supporter and Right On! Publisher Cynthia Horner, with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her illustrious career and as an iconic journalist in the entertainment industry.

In 2019, The Success in the Arts Seminar received non-profit status.  But like most, the onset of the pandemic forced Bragg to pivot and moved the show from in-person to a virtual audience.  On September 17, 2022, the 6th annual award show will again take center stage for a live audience in New York City.

Spanning a twenty+ year career in theater, Bragg has directed and written over fifty plays, authored a book and performed as an actress on stage and film.  SITA has garnered support and endorsements from local politicians, business owners, entertainers, and the media.

The SITA Awards will be live at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center, 153-10 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY on September 17, 2022, Gold Carpet, hosted by Keri Singleton of Keri’s Corner Radio Show, will begin  at 6 pm; show begins at 7pm. For more information, visit www.sitaawards6.eventbrite.com.