Drake and Cardi B’s New Face Tattoos

Drake just got a new face tattoo below his left eye as a tribute to her mom, Sandra “Sandi” Graham, and captioned the post as “Sandra Gale 💖”. This is also not the first time he has got a tattoo in honor of his mom, as he previously tattooed her a portrait of her face on his back. He also has dedicated songs for her in the past like “Sandra’s Rose” and “You & The 6” along with having his old recording studio named after his mom in his old home.

Cardi B also got a new face tattoo and her tattoo artist posted it on Instagram yesterday with bright red ink of her son’s name. She says that she had always wanted a face tattoo since she was 16 years old, and now she has finally got it.

A lot of fans are concerned for the impact that their face tattoos may have on the younger generation as both artists are very popular and may haphazardly influence them in getting tattoos of their own when they’re not 18 years of age yet. What do you think of their tattoos?