(First Listen) MASN Goes Back To High School

Rising artist MASN goes back to “High School” with his latest single, out  via RCA Records. The release follows his previous singles this year, “Love Me For Me” and “Adrenaline.”

Driven by electrifying guitar riffs and a rock-driven drumbeat, “High School” is a nostalgic ode to the all-encompassing emotions of growing up. Told from the perspective of an anonymous high school student, MASN taps into the relatable feelings of struggling to fit in.


‘High School’ is a song about the quintessential teen that is left out and how they cope with feeling like they’re forgettable. In that period of your life, it can feel like the entire world, but it’s just a small blip in the big scheme of your life,” says MASN of his inspiration behind the track. This song narrates a girl who is never invited to things, that was finally asked to go out with her friends. She was so excited, chose an outfit, got ready, and was eagerly waiting by the phone for them to call. They never called, and this is a song about how she copes with feeling forgettable.”