Black Eyed Peas, Shakira and David Guetta Release Three “Don’t You Worry” Remixes

The 6 time Grammy Award winning band, Black Eyed Peas just unveiled three different remixes of their “Don’t You Worry” single with Shakira and David Guetta through Epic Records. It includes remixes from David Guetta & DJs From Mars, Dubdogz & Mark Ursa, and Malaa Remix, with each of them sounding completely different from the rest, providing their own flair and uniqueness. The original “Don’t You Worry” already has 70 million views after its release two months ago and already has 43 million Spotify streams, so it’s no surprise it wouldn’t be picked up and remixed by different DJs and EDM artists.

Check out all three of the remixes below!

David Guetta & DJs From Mars Remix

Dubdogz & Mark Ursa Remix

Malaa Remix