1. What did Mike Ehrmantraut work as before he worked alongside Gus Fring?

        a. Security Guard

        b. Police Officer

        c. Bouncer


2. Unable to enter his family’s house by offering a meal for them to share, Walt throws this iconic food on the roof:

        a. Pizza

        b. Tacos

        c. A Bucket of Fried Chicken


3. What is Walt’s middle name?

        a. Hartler

        b. Hartwell

        c. Harvey


4. What street did the White family reside on?

        a. Aqua Apollo Lane

        b. Negra Arroyo Lane

        c. Calle Parkway


5. Who watched Jane suffocate in Jesse’s room?

        a. Walter White

        b. Hank Schrader 

        c. Gus Fring


6. What did Jesse call his brand of meth?

        a. Chili P

        b. Spicy C

        c. Cayenne 


7. They’re not rocks, Marie! They’re _______  – Hank

        a. Gems 

        b. Glass

        c. Minerals


8. What does Walt do with the first earned dollar of Bogdan’s car wash, which Bogdan tries to take when having his car wash be bought out?

        a. Frame it

        b. Burn it

        c. Buy a Soda


9. What cancer was Walt diagnosed with?

        a. Lung Cancer

        b. Brain Cancer

        c. Kidney Cancer

Credit: AMC


10. What did Walt kill Lydia with?

        a. Ricin

        b. A knife

        c. Cyanide


11. What did Gus Fring die of?

        a. Poison

        b. Bomb explosion

        c. Bullet


12. Which poet is one the book Gale Boetticher gifts Walt?

        a. Walt Whitman

        b. William Shakespeare

        c. Edgar Allen Poe



  1. b
  2. a 
  3. c  
  4. b 
  5. a
  6. a
  7. c
  8. c
  9. a
  10. a
  11. b
  12. a