(Wow) Batgirl movie surprisingly canceled, even after filming had finished

Warner Bros. had just canceled the Batgirl movie starring In The Heights actress Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, Brandon Fischer and J.K Simmons, despite the film having already finished filming and was in the post-production process. The film had already exceeded its budget of 90 million dollars and was canceled because Warner Bros. believed the movie “did not have the spectacle that audiences have come to expect from DC fare” and wanted to minimize their losses. They are most likely going to use the cancellation of the film as a tax-write off, meaning the studio would never be able to monetize the movie.

This move left both fans and industry professionals shocked, as the screening for the movie was apparently not even “that bad” and is also completely unfair to all of the actors and crew that were involved with the project. Leslie Grace was especially excited to bring Batgirl to life, but unfortunately that chance has been shot down forever by the company.

What Happened? Watch here: