How Well Do You Know Basketball?



1. How many seconds are on the NBA shot clock?

        a. 20

        b. 36

        c. 24


2. What were utilized as the first basketball hoops?

        a. Laundry Baskets

        b. Chains

        c. Peach Baskets


3. What penalty is considered dribbling with two hands?

        a. Double Dribble

        b. Foul

        c. Two Hands


4. What do you call it when someone grabs a missed shot?

        a. Catch

        b. Rebound

        c. Steal


5. How many players play on the court at once?

        a. 24

        b. 10

        c. 14


6. Who wore 32 on the Jazz and played alongside John Stockton?

        a. Karl Malone

        b. Reggie Jackson

        c. Shaquille O’ Neal


7. Who scored 100 points in a single game?

        a. Kareem Abdul-Jabar

        b. Wilt Chamberlain

        c. Lebron James 


8. Who is the shortest player in NBA history?

        a. Spud Webb

        b. Earl Boykins

        c. Muggsy Bogues


9. When was the National Basketball Association founded?

        a. 1945

        b. 1946

        c. 1955


10. Who holds the record for the most points in the NBA?

        a. Kareem Abdul-Jabar

        b. Michael Jordan

        c. Wilt Chamberlain


11. Whose silhouette is on the NBA logo?

        a. Jerry West

        b. Michael Jordan

        c. Spud Webb


12. Who recently claimed the record for the most three pointers in NBA history?

        a. Seth Curry

        b. Ray Allen

        c. Stephen Curry



  1. c
  2. c 
  3. a
  4. b 
  5. b
  6. a
  7. b
  8. c
  9. b
  10. a
  11. a
  12. c