(Listen) First RIAA Gold Japanese Artist since 1987 releases “Silver Lining”

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Sena Kana, the first solo female Japanese pop artist to hit gold status in the United States since Yoko Ono in 1984, follows the success of her latest EP “Show Me” ft. executive producer Poo Bear (Justin Bieber, Usher, Whitney Houston, Ed Sheeran), with the unveiling of “Silver Lining.” Produced and Mixed by the Production Duo Katalyst (Kanye West, Bruno Mars, J.Cole, John Legend), “Silver Lining” is about “struggling through the pain of the loss of love, and trying to find a ray of hope so that you can reflect on the days spent together, not only as painful, but as hopeful.”
Sena comments further on her new release:
“It’s not just about saying, “It’s hard, it’s sad,” and mourning, but about finding hope by struggling and carrying on, believing that your memories will one day become a source of positivity. I think this concept applies not just to relationships, but also when things don’t go as planned, or when we are in despair, and lose sight of tomorrow. In those moments, the process was meaningful, regardless if the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped for. I sing this song with the idea that even if the present is painful, when we find meaning in those hard days, and look to the future instead of the past, we will be able to accept those difficult times.
Many of my songs are about struggling through suffering. Among them, “Silver Lining” is light in tone and I want the listener to imagine themselves running through the city streets. As I always say, if you keep seeking the light, you will find happiness someday. I know there will be hard and sad times in your life, but if you don’t lose hope, it will all turn out for the better. If you ever need to feel positive, please listen to this song!”
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, world-renowned songstress Sena Kana is no stranger to blending cultures and seamlessly fusing different genres across J-Pop, Mainstream Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, and electronic with her angelic vocals. Her highly-praised single Undisputed quickly emerged onto the Top 40 U.S. Rhythmic Charts and has over 94 million video views on Tik Tok. Sena’s 2019 breakthrough release of “Up” ft. Sheppard & Wiz Khalifa, made history crowning her the first solo female Japanese pop artist, since Yoko Ono in 1984, to earn RIAA Gold status in the United States. Produced by Lindsey Jackson with Katalyst, and currently sitting at over 54M views on Youtube, the single united three genres and countries; and Billboard referred to Sena’s vocals as “sweet and strong-toned.” Sena’s 2021 release of “Show Me” ft. TY DOLLA $IGN, quickly made headlines with Nylon referring to the single as a “soulful sonic fusion lifted by Sena’s soaring, ethereal vocals.” 
Sena made her US debut in 2019, and has since infiltrated the states, releasing two EPs and earning a Billboard #1 Heatseeker, #2 Emerging artist, #112 on the top 200 albums chart for her most recent Show Me EP. highly-acclaimed reviews and profiles from BillboardNylonPage SixFlauntWonderland Magazine, HiphopdxWWDiHearts Most Requested Live, and many more.
“I’d like to get past the boundaries of nationality,” Sena exclaims. “The kindness inside of people is what I want to share most through what I do. We can get up again, believe in our dreams again, and connect with people again. Those are the kinds of songs I want to sing. That’s the kind of music I want to make. It’s really my ideal.”
Since birth, music immediately called to Sena, as if by destiny. She vividly recalls falling in love with musicals such as The Sound of Music. She became transfixed by the stories and sounds of that film. Inspired and invigorated, she spent her school days deeply involved in both music and the stage. She studied the foundations and techniques of classical music and learned compositions such as Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” and “The Marriage of Figaro,” to name a few.