Esther Debbie Louis Weighs In On Mass Shootings: ‘Domestic Terrorism’

District Leader Candidate Esther Debbie Louis, (D-Brooklyn, NY) issued the following statement in response to a mass shooting in a Buffalo, NY supermarket on May 14, 2022 where ten people were killed. Additionally, on May 15, 2022, another shooting occurred at a local church in Laguna Woods, Ca. where this story is still developing.
“Our hearts and prayers are with the families from the major tradies in New York and California. Acts of senseless, oppressive violence touches us all across the country. It becomes more difficult for us to live without fear. Hate crimes against black and brown communities must stop.
“Be clear: this live-streamed mass killing is an act of domestic terrorism. This tragic shooting emphasizes that we desperately need support against America’s gun violence. We trust that justice will be served for these families awakened, this morning, with broken hearts and empty chairs in their homes”, said Louis.
Editor’s Note: Esther Debbie Louis is a community leader, organizer and strategist serving as a Delegate Assembly Member and Senate Faculty Member at CUNY. Visit her at www.DebbieLouis.com.