(Listen) Belgian Artist Berre releases “Say my Name”

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Berre is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter who lives near Brussels. At a rapid pace, he’s amassing a huge following with his covers of well-known and lesser-known songs. He’s sharing intense and gripping interpretations via Instagram and TikTok, with a soulful voice and a raw timbre unique for his age. Audiences around the world are appreciating his efforts, and that’s just scratching the surface. Today, Berre is releasing his debut single “Say My Name”—listen HERE.

Berre says about “Say My Name”:

“After a breakup, you have lots of questions left and you long for honest answers to each one. Despite all those difficulties, the only thing you want to hear from that one person is they love you, even if that’s a lie.”

The original TikTok teaser of “Say My Name” that Berre posted earlier this spring has received over 3.8 million views and 608 thousand likes.

Berre’s cover of Freya Ridings’ “Lost Without You”, recorded in a DIY manner with some friends, racked up more than 1 million streams (and still counting). A phenomenal result, especially since his TikTok upload of the same song had already collected a massive number of likes and views. Berre got noticed by a national radio station and performed his cover “Lost Without You” live on Belgian radio for the first time. A great warmup for what’s to come with his new single “Say My Name,” out now.