Pusha T Working with Pharrell, Kanye and Kid Cudi on new Album!

photo courtesy Amp


Legend and multi-platinum artist, Pusha T premiered his live radio show on Amp, the new live radio app from Amazon, to stream music from his new album, It’s Almost Dry. On his show, “It’s Almost Dry Radio,” Pusha took calls from listeners and revealed details about the new album on the day of its release during a live virtual listening party moderated by respected media and music executive, Noah Callahan-Bever

Joined by longtime manager and music executive Steven Victor, Pusha T spent time breaking down some of the album’s most notable tracks and sharing the stories behind them. He also talked with fans about what it was like working with Pharrell and Kanye West on the project and reuniting Clipse for the final track.

While on air Pusha T shared:

On working with Pharrell & Kanye West and how the project came about

The project got started from me playing “Hear Me Clearly” for Pharrell…And he told me that, it was okay. He shrugged….He said, ‘Man I just think that you need to be more of a character.’ 

I told myself, once it was etched in stone that [Pharrell and Kanye] would each produce half of the album, I was going to go through the process. Whatever their process is, I’m going to go through it in full to make sure I have exhausted whatever they wanted to do. I wanted it to be produced because my biggest thing was making an album better than Daytona.

On “Dreamin’ of the Past”

[“Dreamin’ of the Past” was] Something that I had to actually fight for because me and Ye worked on our albums simultaneously. That means he has a folder [of beats] that he thinks is all his, and I think my folder is all mine. He had a beat in his folder which was “Dreamin’ of the Past,” and I was like, bro, you know that’s for me…After a while I noticed he still hadn’t written to the record. Ultimately, he gives me the record, but it is always very finicky when that happens. I get on the record and he was like, ‘Man I can’t get on it with you after that. You’re saying all this stuff now.’ I said, ‘Man you have to realize that everything isn’t heavy lifting. Sometimes it’s for me to heavy lift. You got to think about B.I.G. When B.I.G. came in on “Queen Bitch” for like three bars.

On featuring Malice and a Clipse reunion

[On a Clipse reunion] I hope so. I would love to as well. I feel like those last two offerings from my brother [Malice] really showed that it could. It could really be a thing and it would be awesome…Maybe it could happen.

Honestly I wanted everything to outdo Daytona and I felt a Clipse song on It’s Almost Dry helps with that. I personally just know what people miss.

On new music:

You put so much into albums always trying to create a masterpiece, always trying to give the fans what they want to see. You don’t want to leave anything on the table. Musically, what I do is street Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop has evolved and has so many sub-genres. It’s just great to compete.

Pusha’s new album, It’s Almost Dry, has been hailed by music critics as a stellar follow up to Daytona and contender for rap album of the year, netting 4 stars in Rolling Stone. The album’s first track “Diet Coke,” produced by Kanye West, is the biggest debut and fastest rising single of Pusha’s career. It’s Almost Dry is produced entirely Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. 

Born Terrence Thornton, Pusha T emerged in the fertile hip-hop scene centered in Virginia Beach, not far from where he grew up in Norfolk. In 1992, he and his brother Malice formed the much revered, platinum selling rap duo the Clipse. Pusha signed to G.O.O.D. Music in 2010 and was named its president in 2015. Both his 2014 solo debut MY NAME IS MY NAME and 2015’s KING PUSH: DARKEST BEFORE DAWN arrived to widespread critical acclaim and broke into the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hip-Hop albums charts.