(Watch) SUM SUN Releases Dance-Worthy, MGMT Inspired Single

What is stopping us from being kids again?  It’s a question pondered by almost every adult. It’s also the central theme around SUM SUN’s energetic new single, “Kids Again.”
Brilliantly showcasing SUM SUN’s unique brand of what they call ‘Big Room Indie,’ “Kids Again” officially drops on March 30.
“This song is pretty straight forward in its meaning,” shares Nick Benton, lead singer for the band. “It’s about remembering those times as a kid when you could find joy in the simplest things. And even though being an adult isn’t as fun, as a kid all you wanted to be was an adult because ‘only the cops can ground us now,’ which is a line in the chorus.”
Comprised of Benton, Eric Plummer, and Ilan Pomerance, SUM SUN has illuminated the musical landscape with their rejuvenating blend of acoustic pop, indie, and energetic EDM. Together, they hope to revitalize the EDM genre by fusing it with the nostalgic Indie sound of the early 2000s.
“Kids Again is also a metaphor for the style of music we want to bring back,” adds Benton. It’s inspired by the song ‘Kids’ by MGMT. We’re really trying to encompass those happy and free feelings of being a kid while bringing back that iconic indie sound that we loved back then.”

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Benton, who is from Long Beach Island, New Jersey, initially connected with Plummer and Pomerance on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plummer was born in Seattle and currently lives in Los Angeles, while Pomerance resides in Connecticut. The three musicians began collaborating virtually and crafted their first song “Pocket-Sized Picture” over Zoom.
Inspired by artists like Glass Animals, Empire of the Sun, and the aforementioned MGMT, SUM SUN is rising quickly in the world of Indie-Dance music. “Kids Again” is the band’s follow up to their debut single “2:38,” which Early Rising called “just the beginning for SUM SUN.”
On a mission to revolutionize the electronic dance music scene, SUM SUN will release several new singles throughout the year.

courtesy Black Panda PR

“…they have created their own genre-bending sound that is extremely intoxicating and exciting.”