(Listen) 30 Reasons Why Key Glock Needs No Assistance On Y2 (Deluxe)

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Since the November release of Yellow Tape 2, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 chart, #1 on the Independent Albums chart, and #2 on the Top Rap Albums chart, Key Glock has only gained momentum while carrying Paper Route Empire into the future. Today, Glock returns to expand the hit project, adding 10 new tracks and 10 more reasons why he shines without any features on Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe), available now via Paper Route Empire.

Featuring the recent, Sledgren-produced singles, “Pain Killers” and “Play For Keeps,” the 10-track expansion bolsters the introspective candidness of YT2 without losing any of the bass-booming, wordplay-heavy Memphis flavor that Glock perfects.

On tracks like “No Choice,” Glock reminisces on his roots and the turbulent past that motivates his hustle, rapping “I jumped up off the porch, had no choice but to get it/My momma was at home, my daddy was lying ‘bout coming to get me.” Yet, Glock’s effortlessly explosive braggadocio is felt full-force on cuts like “Gucci & Dolph,” as he boasts, “Yeah, yeah, yeah/Diamonds on me talking sound like Gucci Mane adlibs (brr).”

The success of Yellow Tape 2 proved beyond all doubt that Key Glock is a standalone star in the truest sense. With the 20-track project, Glock cracked his first solo entrance into the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, racked up over 70 million streams on Spotify alone, and did it all without a major label or a single guest feature. In January, Glock paid tribute to his cousin, mentor, and friend, Young Dolph, with his potent tribute, “Proud,” which earned over 4 million views in its first three days, and received praise from The New York Times, among others. The track was featured on the recent compilation album, Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph, where Glock appeared alongside his fellow PRE labelmates, and appears on Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe).

With Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe) out now and a headlining tour starting in April–ten dates of which are already sold out–stay tuned to see what new heights Key Glock will reach in 2022.

Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe)https://music.empi.re/yellowtape2deluxe

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Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe) Tracklist:

  1. Grammys
  2. No Cap Rap
  3. No Choice
  4. I Be
  5. Gucci & Dolph
  6. Play For Keeps
  7. Proud
  8. Pain Killers
  9. GMFB
  10. No Love
  11. Something Bout Me
  12. Channel 5
  13. Bill Gates
  14. !!! (Don’t Know Who To Trust)
  15. Juicemane
  16. Tony
  17. Ambition For Cash
  18. Ya Feel Me
  19. Can’t Switch
  20. The 1
  21. Quarterback
  22. Da Truth
  23. Check This Out
  24. From The Bottom
  25. Luv a Thug
  26. Understood
  27. Eve
  28. Toolie
  29. U & I Know
  30. Gangsta

photo courtesy Audible Treats