(Watch) Ludacris talks New Music, ‘Fast & Furious 10’ with Jason Momoa

On The Talk” Ludacris discusses “Fast & Furious 10,” Jason Momoa joining the cast and if his character, Tej would be up for going up against Aquaman? “100%, it’s always the unassuming ones like myself that stay behind the computer. You don’t know what they’re capable of. So yes, I will go hand-to-hand, fist-to-fist, with what everyone considers Mr. Aquaman, and I will definitely put some hands on him, absolutely.” Ludacris also spills details on new music in the works. “Man, I was literally in the studio last night, I’m going to the studio today. Sometime this year, definitely putting out some new music. I just have a lot going on but it’s my number one love and I’m definitely going to put out some new music for the fans. So look forward to it.”

courtesy of CBS/ The Talk