(Music Review) Angel Hilson Releases ‘Just This Once’

R&B music is making a much-needed comeback this year, and Angel Hilson is one of the vocalists charming music listeners with her current anthem, “Just This Once.”  Hilson has masterfully earned a rightful place among other chart-topping singers by combining her special delivery with a message in her music.

Rarely has a name suited an artist so well. Angel Hilson, aka Angel The Author, truly has the voice of an angel. The artist, who recently released “Just This Once” on Rogue Music & Entertainment, plans to take the music business by storm, putting her unique stamp on the burgeoning sexy, sultry R&B music scene. It’s refreshing to hear the vocals, which can take listeners back to the days when female singers could sing! Think Whitney, Aaliyah, and Brandy (no last names necessary!), whose voices set the tone and the right note.

2022 will be Hilson’s year as the thirst for depth and vocal technique from artists has risen to the forefront. Angel’s current single, released during the month of love, centers around a female who refuses to give up on that special someone. She takes an aggressive stance in her lyrics,” I’m telling you now, I’m not gonna stop, I’m dropping it down, hard.” And she drops it hard, capturing the attention of listeners who are mesmerized by her commanding presence on the edgy track produced by Jbeatzz and Grammy-winning master engineer Kenny Mixx. The producing pair found the perfect flow, making for a relatable way for dancers to vibe and rock out while singing along with the artist.

As we listen to the catchy song, we realize that Angel is not here to play; she’s playing to win on this women’s anthem. Her ability to hone in on a topic with listeners standing at attention stems from her expertise as a famous fiction novelist. Clearly, she has an intuitive knowledge of the best way to capture her fans.

In retrospect, “Just This Once” is a song sung by an entertainer whose voice will propel her to greater heights of entertainment. Give the song a listen and fall in love with this Angel!

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