(Watch) Wonho Releases 1st Single Album, Obsession

courtesy of Highline Entertainment


Singer-Songwriter-Producer, Wonho, has released his highly anticipated single album, OBSESSION. Consisting of two tracks written and composed by Wonho; OBSESSION is his first release of 2022, following the release of Blue Letter in September. “I’m grateful that I’m able to greet my fans with my first single album in the year 2022. It feels like we are starting a new year together! I’ll try my best to show great things to you all this year” Wonho says of this release.

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Named by Rolling Stone as the “singer who’s breaking hearts just as quickly as he’s breaking stereotypes,” Wonho is set to continue pushing his own creative limits by exploring different themes within OBSESSION. Wonho further explains the meaning behind “EYE ON YOU”; “Sometimes there are people who look at others with stereotypes, as if they were wearing colored glasses. In the music for “EYE ON YOU,” you’ll see there are CCTVs that follow me, representing one’s gaze. The track originally started off with the theme of one’s gaze, but as I progressed with the songwriting, it turned into a topic that one could apply to various stories. In my opinion, it could also be interpreted as a love song, and apply to many different scenarios.”

The b-side track, “Somebody,” showcases a more vulnerable side of Wonho as a storyteller and songwriter. You can feel the emotions as you fully immerse yourself into the lyrics; “I’m all alone in the world full of strangers. Blank faces staring I’m patiently waiting. I need someone to hold on. Take me back to where I belong.” In an interview Teen Vogue, Wonho compares the feeling of being alone to a wolf; “the feelings behind these lyrics are comparable to the image of a wolf being alone, and left in the dark” he explains.