(Review) Cory Driscoll’s ‘Promised Land’

Jacksonville, Fl. recording artist Cory Driscoll has hearts standing to attention as he approaches the subject of love from a male’s perspective on his current single, “Promised Land.”

This inspiring and uplifting song references a man’s desire to be chosen, but if not..he’s willing to move on. It’s safe to say that Driscoll tugs the heartstrings of listeners who empathize with his plight: Who doesn’t want to be chosen? Who doesn’t want to be selected? Who doesn’t want to feel sought after?

The lyrics of this charming song express Driscoll’s feelings through his poignant words, “I don’t want to force your hand,” which speaks to the point that he is consciously expressing his approval for the person in his life to reach out for HIM. The lyrics of the song offer sound advice to anyone who has been in a situation where the relationship may have issues. As a vocalist, Driscoll pragmatically yet encouragingly states, “If it’s not me, I will just as soon be gone.”

“Promised Land” was written by Driscoll and musician Sam Lloyd, one of his longtime collaborators. It’s intentional and masterful, awakening listeners’ senses as the song changes tempo, delighting the ear through a stunning array of instruments that marry with the vocals.

“Promised Land” is an empowering anthem with lyrics that speaks to the heart and level the playing field in the game of love.


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