(Watch) Raising Dion Season 2 Release Date and Trailer Confirmed

Ja’Siah Young reprises his starring role as Dion Warren, a 10-year-old boy learning how to control his superpowers and defeat monsters. Two years after its 2019 debut, the series based on Dennis Liu’s comic book and the short film returns to Netflix Tuesday, February 1 at 12 a.m. PST.

After the death of her husband Mark (Michael B. Jordan), Dion’s mother Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) struggled to help her son figure out how to use his newfound powers. In Season 2, Dion becomes more adept at utilizing his special talents with the help of his trainer Tevin (Rome Flynn) from the biotechnology firm Biona. Young explains, “Telekinesis, definitely better. There’s wielding energy. Remember the basement scene from Season 1 where I’m trying to hold the fireball and I lose control of it? He’s definitely better at that. His agility is definitely way better. His invisibility, that not so much as everything else. That’s the one thing that he’s still working on.”

courtesy of Netflix


Young is excited about the new season and loves playing a kid superhero on television. “I get the chance to inspire young kids to get to know that anything is possible,” he says. “The older you get, you begin to realize that you can’t become a hero or have superpowers, but I get to be that voice. There are other ways you can be a superhero. You can be a superhero of the earth. You could pick up trash and stop littering. Or you could be someone like my dad, he’s a detective. You could be a police officer, a fireman. You could be a doctor.”

courtesy of Netflix