(Watch) Steve Harvey Shares Thoughts on Nick’s Halloween Impersonation, his Style Evolution, and New Show

courtesy of the Nick Cannon/Debmar-Mercury


Nick Cannon: “I don’t know if you saw me on Halloween. I was you. That’s how much I love you.”

Steve Harvey: “I saw a picture. Somebody showed me a picture. I said this boy right here… when I see him, I’m going to knock his ass out.”

Nick Cannon: “I knew that’s what it was going to be. You know I’m not an impressionist, so you know who gave me my tips on my Steve Harvey impression, he’s standing over there right now.  He’s one of our comedy producers Godfrey the comedian. I know you got beef with him too.”

Steve Harvey: “You got Godfrey. I will knock you and Godfrey ass out. All I need is you, Godfrey, and that little chubby ass Kenan in the same room.”