(Review) Head Fake’s Michael Baker Releases ‘Hasten Mercy’

Head Fake’s Michael Baker has released his solo project, Hasten Mercy, on all music platforms.

The project, a labor of love for Baker, fuses pop and country genres to whet his listeners’ appetites.As we get into the tracks, we hear the influences of such artists as the new wave/dance-rock group Depeche Mode and other artists from the 80s. Not a bad thing – nostalgia has become the most revered compliment, where artists can pay homage to the musicians who have blazed and forged a path.

What’s interesting about Baker, a Toronto native who has embraced various forms of music, including rock, country, and pop influences in his household, has an eclectic mixture of music on Hasten Mercy.

Our favorite track, “Star You Are,” is a refreshing piece of work that urges listeners to stand up and party. TikTok users will enjoy getting their dance on as their feet will find the irresistible urge to move in time to the energy provided. The positive message behind the song will undoubtedly inspire and encourage its listeners to channel their inner self, be the best, and be a star.

The second track, “These Things,” is a three-minute slow and mellow sound, which felt soothing to the soul.

The project’s diversity runs the gamut. “I Break Everything,” the last track, concludes the EP where Baker puts his unique stamp, leaving listeners clamoring to replay the song. The unique flow indeed enhanced the artist’s musicianship.

Overall, this debut solo project is solid and will no doubt connect with the listeners on a heartfelt level. We can’t wait to see what Michael Baker brings to the table next.