Remembering Virgil Abloh for his Philanthropy

courtesy of ESP PR


By Dwayne Ashley, President/CEO Bridge Philanthropic Consulting

Virgil Abloh was a once-in-a-generation creative force and designer. His impact on the fashion world serve as a blueprint for future Black creatives, but his philanthropic endeavors allow his legacy to live on through the lives he touched. Virgil exhibited his zeal for seeing the Black community succeed with his support of black businesses through the “I Support Young Black Businesses” project and higher education with the “Post Modern” Scholarship Fund. Through these efforts, Virgil used his platform to offer the Black community an opportunity to chase their dreams and defy the status quo.

Climbing the ranks in the fashion industry was no small feat for a black man, and achieving the level of success Virgil attained was seemingly impossible; no other black male had done so before him. However, his tenacity propelled him to new heights that even suffering from a challenging personal illness could not quell. Virgil, we thank you for your unparalleled contributions to fashion, your community, and the world.