(Listen) YK Osiris Gifts His Fans With “This Christmas”

courtesy of Def Jam



About YK Osiris

Born in Jacksonville, FL, Osiris Williams, who turned 21 on September 7th, was savvy at a very young age about the strength of his voice, and understood how to use social media to blow up. “I knew my voice was very power­ful and you can relate to it,” he says. “You be like, ‘Damn, I could feel him. I could feel his pain.’ What I went through. My veins be pop­ping out. You can just see me and my expres­sion.” But Jax was far from the creative hub of South Florida’s rap scene. “We don’t have a lot of resources,” he says. “We don’t have the biggest studios. We don’t have the biggest DJs. We had to make it on our own. I made it, and I got out of it.”