Cool Christmas Must-Haves


If you are a last-minute shopper, why not treat yourself or a friend, to one of the hot items on Right On! Digital’s cool holiday shopping guide?

Black-owned natural beauty products brand Natalia Me’Gan recently  announced the release of their latest looks in hair extension design, just in time for the holiday season!  Natalia Me’Gan Hair And Beauty founder Schenika Quattlebaum has summoned her considerable talents to bring forth an amazing selection of all-natural, 100% human hair weave extensions, in lengths from 10” to 32”, machine double stitched, of 100 grams (3.5 oz.) weight. This new addition  to the growing Natalia Me’Gan product line is sure to accentuate your radiant good looks at holiday parties, dinners, or even those cozy moments by the fire. Continuing the brand’s philosophy of enhancing customers’ beauty in the most natural way, Natalia Me’Gan is looking forward to reaching even greater heights in 2022!

Schenika Quattlebaum ccourtesy Natalia Me’Gan


Since the brand’s 2018 inception, Natalia Me’Gan has become a household name with its cruelty-free products to fit every budget and vision. Stars seen shaping their exquisite features with Natalia Me’Gan Beauty offerings include Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Shoshana Bean, Meg Thee Stallion, Naturi Naughton, KJ Smith, Reginae Carter, and Ariadna Gutierrez, known as Miss Columbia 2014, and  2015 Miss Universe runner up. They’ve all chosen this hot new brand when they want to project elegance and spirit on the set, or when they’re just spending the day at home! Recently, Natalia Me’Gan became available globally through the Walmart.com website, meaning borders are no longer an obstacle to beauty.   You can bring out your most alluring self, just as the stars do, by visiting the Natalia Me’Gan website.





Cocotique, the original beauty subscription box for Women of Color, has launched its limited edition Holiday Box. The price is $45 and the value is $125. What a perfect present! The products in this beautifully packaged box include some really fun items, which include some of  the following must-haves:Mini Jade Roller, Papaya Castor Conditioning HairDress, Papaya Scalp Massaging Serum, DIY Mineral Face Mask, Curl Defending Heat Protection Mist and everything you need to make your skin glow, eyebrows pop and your smile brighter! Visit https://www.cocotique.com.




This brand has a viral product that takes the pressure off of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year. It’s customized wrapping paper and Khloe Kardashian, Kim Zolciak and even Oprah are fans. Why? Because it has a hilarious print of their faces all over it…. And that my friend is what you call a show stopper on Christmas Day, Weddings, Birthdays and everything in between!

How does it work? Upload your selfie, pick your theme and Gift Wrap My Face (www.giftwrapmyface.com) does the rest. A 60 inch roll of selfie excellence and a good laugh is on its way to your door in less than a week’s time. As you can imagine, people are loving it. It sends the message that “you REALLY thought of me,” while distracting your friends, family or coworker from whatever lame or amazing gift is inside. ($19.99+)

The fun doesn’t stop at floating heads on wrapping paper. You can bring the paper to life and  make your character dance with a QR code AR wrap or send a custom video. You can also slab their selfie with a wine sleeve or a sock for some keepsake fun. This brand has gotten more and more creative since bringing this idea to market.

The Embraced by B care self-care package is a box filled with love because self-love is the BEST love. This beautiful package includes gold crystal earrings, a satin facemask with matching hair scrunchy, rejuvenating bath salt and bath bomb, cleansing sage, self-care therapy books, encouraging stickers, refreshing herbal tea bags, and an energizing B12 energy bar—all for you. Visit  etsy.com/shop/EmbracedbyB

  Shvasa Yoga would be a great gift for anyone looking to start 2022 on the right foot!  Shvasa not only offers 3, 6, or 12-month gifting options, but it also offers an opportunity to create a healthy habit that will help improve flexibility, promote weight loss, balance hormones, and reduce depression and anxiety through virtual classes with master yogis. Additionally, Shvasa teachers implement ancient Indian yoga traditions and are available to help with form, discuss yoga practices, as well as provide support for any other issue or struggle someone might face in their life. The relationship between teacher and student is sacred and is one that is meant to continue to grow.



Weave Got the Look offers a hair solution for people who want textured extensions; people who want or need to change their hair for work, school, or play. The company’s focal point is natural-looking, affordable wigs versus non-quality, shiny wigs. This robust solution is great for transitioning hair (big chop) or thinning hair. Weave Got the Look specializes in unique pieces such as hair toppers for thinning hair, tape-in and temporary/non-permanent extensions, and other hairpieces that cannot be found at your traditional wig and beauty supply store.

“Life is too short to have just one look”, says Ganesa Robinson, CEO of Weave Got the Look.

Weave Got the Look offers unique services that are not being offered elsewhere such as, a Wig Concierge service which allows individuals to provide a picture and description of a wig or hairpiece and they will find it at an affordable price point. “So often, we find that our favorite wigs have been discontinued or the company no longer exists”, says Ganesa Robinson.

Weave Got the look has differentiated its products from others on the market. Ganesa Robinson explained, “I personally curate the wigs, extensions, and beauty products, and even wear them to ensure they are quality.” Other ways in which the company differs is; Photos of wig orders are sent for customer review prior to shipping, wig concierge services are offered, they offer a monthly subscription box delivery, and they will soon offer sponsorships and school fundraisers through the community outreach branch.

“We can help save money and time, and we use our vendor connections to find a good price. We offer this service for individuals seeking custom wigs” Ganesa says.

The company also offers other beauty products such as magnetic lashes. “Inspiration for magnetic lashes came about from the pandemic. Salons closed, but I still had to show up looking my best. Wigs, hairpieces, and magnetic lashes solved my problems which is how I was able to “Pandemic Proof” my beauty routine” Robinson explained. Visit https://weavegotlooks.com