Young Dolph Honored With Officially-Designated Street Name in Memphis

courtesy Of Audible Treats


Beloved in Memphis and beyond for his invigorating rap music and dedication to charitable efforts, Young Dolph made a major impact in his industry and his community during his too-short life. In a unanimous voice vote earlier this week, the Memphis City Council resolved to name a street in Memphis in Dolph’s honor. Revealed during a street naming ceremony earlier today, a section of street in Dolph’s home neighborhood of Castalia Heights will forever be known as “Adolph Robert ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton, Jr. Avenue.”

The new street, span of Dunn Avenue between Airways Blvd and Hays Road, will live on as a permanent reminder of Dolph’s lasting legacy as an artist and citizen. The City of Memphis also decreed that November 17th, the date of Dolph’s passing, will be a recognized Day Of Service in the city, honoring his lifetime of dedication to his community.

Councilman JB Smiley, Jr., who sponsored the honorary street name resolution, said, “It’s about celebrating our own. Young Dolph was truly one of us.”

Tomorrow, Dolph’s loved ones will host a “Celebration of Life” honoring the man’s life as a rapper, businessman, philanthropist, and family man. The service will include performances, words from his family, his Paper Route Empire team, and reminisces from philanthropy recipients Dolph gave to throughout the years. The event occurs Thursday, 12/16, from 11am-2pm at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

courtesy Of Audible Treats