(Interview) Lay Lay Slays


By Eunice Moseley



Who is “That Girl Lay Lay?

Alaya High, aka Lay Lay, stars in the Nickelodeon comedy “That Girl Lay Lay” as Lay Lay, the avatar of Sadie, played by Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, who has come to life. Lay Lay enrolls in school to be close to her best friend Sadie, and so the laughs begin as Lay Lay helps bring Sadie out of her shy-shell.


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“That friendship is real, and I’m excited to have my own television show,” Lay Lay admits.

But Lay Lay is more than just an actress; she is becoming a successful rapper, taking after her father, recording artist Acie High. She became known to millions of fans after having posted some of her music on social media. “My parents told me social media is just a bunch of people…where everyone will have something to say. I said, ‘I don’t care what they say!'”

As luck would have it, the success of her social media posts led to her landing her role on the television series and a record deal with Empire Records.

Credit: Nickelodeon

The 13-year-old has since released such songs as “Age Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Number,” “Slumber Party,” “Not Your Boo” and “Stop Playin’.”

Nowadays, Lay Lay may be bringing the funny on “That Girl Lay Lay,” but she has no intention of giving up her title as one of the most popular young MC’s. “I’m still going to make my music.”

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